Tale of Jo

jojo of pourgirlarts handmade tales

My motto has always been "I am One, I am Many"

Hey Hey, I'm Jojo, and welcome to HANDMADE TALES by POURGIRLARTS. I am a self-taught designer and multi-passioned artist based in the vibrant city of Toronto, where I spend my days and many nights crafting uniquely artsy gifts, artworks, and jewellery. If you're like me you embrace a playful, colourful mindset, where creativity knows no bounds. You love, as I do, that art allows us to engage with more like-minded people, empower and inspire each other, and create beautiful things, sharing the creative love. I hope you love my creative adventures in handmade tales and feel free to reach out to me with design ideas if you have something in mind. I'm always open to fresh ideas and collaborations. I hope to see you in one of my  Handmade Tales soon!💋