AURA NECKLACE COLLECTION is a stunning collection of mix media, one of a kind necklaces featuring acrylic pour arts and alcohol ink arts on ceramic & stone. They are petite, vibrant and striking. There's something for everyone's taste.

This Collection is inspired by Strength. 
'And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.' 
-Mark Anthony

  • The quality and originality of the products offered are second to none.  Requests for custom pieces of artwork have exceeded expectations.  I’m a fan.
    Marty Rotman
    I have a few 'Pourgirl' pieces from wall hangings, to a dog collar to a charcuterie board which is always a conversation piece at my tea gatherings.I love being able to wear one of a kind, handcrafted,wearable art.The SXULLY earrings make a subtle statement and are not just for Hallowe'en!~D.M Wright
  • Jojo is an incredible, ingenious, hard-working artist. Not only is she a wonderful human to know and be around, she is talented and very imaginative with her work. I am in awe with her creations, which she keeps ‘pouring’ out of her Soul.
    From the vast collections of her work, I was the proud winner and recipient of handmade coasters, that I use everyday.
    Her work includes other types of coasters, cutting-boards and jewelry of all kinds. She is a skilled visionary, and I highly recommend and support her work. Thank you so much for the gifts, and for gracing us with your brilliance!
    Dominique Roy
  • Pourgirlarts is my go-to for one of a kind gifts that make people feel special. I am always proud to share Jojo's designs and impressive craftmanship with others and to wear her functional creations myself. My Pourgirlarts Pop-Art belt and chunky leather cuff are some of my very favourite pieces to wear, especially when I need an uplift; I always get compliments and questions about them!
    Andrea B.